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Exploring Mars

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Mars Missions

Spirit and Opportunity Mars Rovers

The 'Spirit' and 'Opportunity' rovers have been on the Mars surface for several years now.  Originally designed for six months of operations on the surface of Mars, they have exceeded all expectations.  Spirit is operating in the vicinity of the Gusev crater and Opportunity is operating on the plateau Meridiani.
Visit NASA's Mars Rover website to get the latest information.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO)

Image from NASA's  MRO website
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was launched on Friday, August 12th, 2005. After a voyage of seven months, MRO entered a temporary elliptical orbit around Mars in March 2006.  After that, MRO used friction from the Mars atmosphere for about six months to achieve a more circular orbit and began reconnaissance of Mars in September 2006. Brouse and enjoy the following websites for information about MRO as well as other NASAS missions:  JPL MRO website and  NASA's MRO Website

The table below is not current! The data presented is as of January, 2006. I'll work on it!
Launch Date
Current Missions
April 7, 2001
June 10, 2003
July 7, 2003
August 12, 2005
2001 Mars Odyssey
Spirit (MER-A)
Opportunity (MER-B)
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Mars Orbiter
Gusev Crater
Terra Meridiani
Mars Orbiter
Future Missions
Late 2007
Late 2009
Mars 2009
Mars 2011
Mars 2014
Mars 2016
Mars 2030
Small Mars Scout Lander
Mars Science Lab Rover
Scout Mission
Mars Sample Return
Mars Sample Return
Human Presence on Mars
Past Missions
November 5, 1964
November 28, 1964
February 25, 1969
March 27, 1969
May 8, 1971
May 30, 1071
August 20, 1975
September 9, 1975
September 25, 1992
November 7, 1996
December 4, 1996
December 11, 1998
January 3, 1999
Mariner 3
Mariner 4
Mariner 6
Mariner 7
Mariner 8
Mariner 9
Viking 1
Viking 2
Mars Observer
Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Pathfinder
Mars Climate Orbiter
Mars Polar Lander
Attempted Mars Flyby
Mars Flyby
Mars Flyby
Mars Flyby
Attempted Mars Flyby
Mars Orbiter
Chryse Plantia
Utopia Planitia
Attempted Mars Orbiter
Mars Orbiter
Sagan Station@Ares Vallis
Attempted Mars Orbiter
Attempted Mars Lander