Robert S. Smith
Aerospace Education Mentor
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Duval County Elementary Teachers Science Content 102 Workshop- Day One
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.


1.  Introduction and Administrative Details (Diane Landschoot)

2.  Florida Space Research Institute and the Aerospace Education Mentor Program


3.  Activity: Identification of Igneous Rocks

    Content Session: Types of Rocks and Weathering & Erosion

BREAK  (Microscope Investigation of Northeast Florida Beach Sand)

4.  Content Session: Earth's Structure, Continental Drift & Plate Tectonics


5.  Activity:  Differential Heating of Light and Dark Surfaces (albedo)

                   Relative Heat Capacity of Sand and Water (Land and Water)

    Content Session:  Atmospheric Heating


6.  Activity:  Determining Relative Humidity and Dew Point Using a Sling Psychrometer

     Content Session:  Atmospheric Moisture, Pressure, and Wind


7.  Content Session:  Air Masses, Fronts, and the Mid-Latitude Cyclone

8.  Complete FSRI Evaluation Form (Bo Smith) and Duval County Professional Development Forms (Diane Landschoot)